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What are the new features that FIFA21 will bring? What new details will be available to players in this new version? Those will be some of the doubts that fans of the popular EA Sports video game will solve this Tuesday, August 4.

At 10 a. m (Colombian time) will finally be revealed, through a live broadcast, the official gameplay trailer for FIFA21, which It will be launched on the market on October 9.

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Despite the fact that on June 23 the first preview of the soccer video game was released, which has Kylian Mbappé as her cover star and as ambassadors to Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold, Erling Haaland of Borussia Dortmund, and João Félix of Atlético de Madrid, only until this Tuesday, users will be able to know in detail the changes that this new edition will bring.

EA Sports has already announced that among the novelties will be a new agile dribbling system, which It will allow the player greater control and one-on-one game responses with faster footwork.

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Likewise, the new position personality that allows greater relevance of positional knowledge and creative careers, which offer new options to influence the team’s movement without the ball.

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