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Ferry Irawan had done this to Venna Melinda after the domestic violence

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Ferry Irawan has finally admitted to committing domestic violence against his wife Venna Melinda.

Ferry made this confession while conducting an examination at the East Java Regional Police.

“So, from yesterday’s examination results, FI stated that it was true that she had committed domestic violence by either the complainant party (Ferry Irawan) or the complainant’s husband (Venna Melinda). He admitted that there had been domestic violence.” East Java Regional Police Public Relations Chief Kombes Dirmanto explained at the Regional Police Headquarters on Tuesday (10/1) citing detik com.

Police revealed that Ferry had once committed domestic violence in Venna.

“From BAP results, once. From BAP results, yes,” he continued.

However, this confession turned out to be different from the information provided by the family.

Venna Melinda was said to have suffered domestic violence for nine months of marriage.

“Yes, according to the family’s statement, this was done several times, but Ms. Venna deliberately hid it,” said Reza Mahastra, Venna’s sister.

After the act of domestic violence occurred, Ferry Irawan took the time to convey his apology to Venna Melinda.

Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan/ Photo: instagram.com/vennamelindareal

Ferry apologized via video call. Even though Ferry had already apologized, Venna Melinda was adamant that she would not withdraw the domestic violence report.

“Yeah, basically he (Ferry Irawan) broadcast, broadcast an apology via video,” Reza added.

“Ms. Venna pledged not to withdraw the complaint. So this complaint was filed by an Indonesian citizen for allegedly committed criminal acts. Domestic violence precisely, domestic. And there is no other way than to report it to the police,” he continued. .


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