“Ferrari” wanted to attack Łaszczyk. Borek watched from the stands. “You are dead”

This was the last panel of Wednesday’s conference, so the biggest stars of the gala appeared on the stage Fame MMA 17. Among them, Kamil Łaszczyk, a super featherweight boxer with an impeccable record in boxing (32-0), who decided to enter the world of freak fights. And his rival – Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik, for whom it will be the ninth fight in the octagon.

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Octagon for Zieliński and Zalewski. A sharp short circuit

The brawl before the Fame MMA gala. They went on stage and it started. “Slippery Trash”

“Ferrari” to Łaszczyk: Prove to people that you are an athlete

It was “Ferrari” in recent months that was the first to challenge Łaszczyk to a duel. – That’s how you shit about these anti-doping tests, and as far as I know, you’re on coke – he blurted out to Łaszczyk at the very beginning of the discussion. – No problem, we can do research – Laszczyk replied without hesitation. – I’m telling you right away that if I’m not on coke, and you are, you give me the whole gag – Łaszczyk added after a while.

But why are you setting conditions? Just prove to people that you are an athlete,” exclaimed “Ferrari”. – Prove it too. If you’re so cunning, come on: we’ll do research – added Łaszczyk. – “Amadi”, there is a bet, it must be something put on the table. You accuse him of very strong things – Robert Pasut, co-host of the conference, interjected. “Ferrari” offered to pay 5 thousand. PLN for charity.

Artur Szpilka and Amadeusz 'Ferrari' RoślikSzpilka predicts the winner of the Fame MMA evening fight. “Very simple ideology”

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Laszczyk after this proposal only smiled. Anyway, not only him, but also Mateusz Borek – the promoter of Łaszczyk in the boxing, which the producer showed in the close-up. After a while, the discussion continued. Although “discussion” is probably too big a word, because it was primarily mutual insults, verbal jostling and pulling out dirt that we don’t even want to quote.

Laszczyk to “Ferrari”: I’m waiting, I’ll come, you’ll see

Fortunately, this time there were no fisticuffs, although the “face to face” was extremely long. Neither “Ferrari” nor Łaszczyk wanted to be the first to take their eyes off the opponent. “I’ll get you in two days,” the “Ferrari” threatened. – I’m waiting, I’ll come, you’ll see. Just take your balls with you – Łaszczyk answered him with a disarming smile.

Unlike “Ferrari”, which was furious. Back at the table, he tried to pounce on Laszczyk, but security stopped him. – You are dead – continued “Ferrari”, who accused the rival that during “face to face” – which could not be heard because the microphones were no longer substituted – insulted him the womb.

Gala Fame MMA 17 on Friday from 19.30.

Fame MMA 17 – karta walk:

  • Amadeus “Ferrari” Roslik vs. Kamil “Szczurek” Łaszczyk
  • Waclaw “Wac Toja” Osiecki vs. Sebastian “Alterboy” Fabijański
  • Cezary “Carmageddon” Jozwik vs. Tomasz “Gimper” Department
  • Alan “Alanik” Kwiecinski vs. Maksymilian “Wiewiór” Squirrel – fight in K-1
  • Paweł “President of FEN” Jozwiak vs. Michał “Boxdel” Baron – roman cage
  • Lukasz “Mandzio” Samon vs. Karol “Karolek” Dąbrowski – fight in K-1
  • Filip “Filipek” Marcinek vs. Robert Karaś – fight in K-1
  • Marcin “Polish Zombie” Wrzosek vs. Piotr “Szeli” Szeliga – fight in K-1
  • Mikołaj “Mixer” Magdziarz vs. Marcin “Rafonix” Krasucki
  • Klaudia “Sheeya” Kołodziejczyk vs. Wiktoria “Wiki” Jaroniewska
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