Dominika Gwit presents a pram on the first walk with a toddler. There was an uproar in the comments

Dominika Gwit welcomed her son into the world just a few weeks ago. The actress with her husband they did not reveal his name. Freshly baked mama announced that she would not share such details. Despite this celebrity is active in social media. Both pregnancy, childbirth, as well as the first moments with the baby at home, she meticulously reported on Instagram. No wonder that she decided to show off a photo from the first walk. In comments a storm broke out.

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Dominika Gwit went for a walk with her toddler. There was an uproar in the comments

Dominika Gwit revealed to the fans some time ago which model of the pram she had chosen. Now it’s time for a test and report from the field. celebrity posted a photo in which she proudly holds a stylish navy blue cart. Equipment for a toddler comes from a higher shelf. The prices of such a model start from PLN 4,000. There was also a humorous accent. There is a concrete mixer in the background of the photo.

First walk! With a concrete mixer in the background – she wrote on Instagram.

Dominican RepublicDominika Gwit with her mother. She asked her for help after the birth of her son. “It’s not easy”

Pod published many of them popped up almost immediately comments. Not all were accommodating. Some netizens complained celebrytcethat she decided to go for her first walk with too early baby.

I’m sorry to suggest something, but it’s worth talking to the midwife, because it’s not recommended to go out until the first month, especially in winter.

However, the vast majority took sides Dominican Republic claiming that walks with a toddler are recommended from the beginning, regardless of the season.

Stupidity, I also gave birth in the winter and went for a walk five days after giving birth and nothing happened. On the contrary, I was not sick at all. The doctor and midwife advised walking.

What nonsense! I have two daughters, one at the end of November, the other at the end of December. After a week they were both ready for a walk! – we read in the comments on Instagram.

Dominican Republic did not respond to the unflattering remark. What are your thoughts on this?

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