Ferrari Accident on Highway Arrested, Can Be Taken But Must Pay Damage Fee


a Ferrari accident and hit the guard rail on the Juanda-Waru toll road. After the accident, the car bearing the Prancing Horse logo was secured at the police post.

“We secured it at the WaJu post (Waru-Juanda) after hitting a road barrier,” said Head of East Java PJR 2 AKP Sigit Indra, Sunday (12/9/2021).

Sigit said the driver of the red Ferrari was a student named Darrel Eka Sutjitro (24). After the accident, he was immediately picked up by his friend and went home.

“After the accident, his friend picked up immediately. There were no serious injuries. He claimed to be from Juanda Airport,” explained Sigit.

According to Sigit, owner or driver Ferrari allowed to pick up the car at the post at any time. However, he must pay compensation for damaged toll road facilities or guard rails.

“Yes, tomorrow you can take the car. But you have to pay for the damaged facilities because it was hit. If the car is damaged, it’s the driver’s own responsibility,” he explained.

A car Ferrari had an accident on the Juanda-Waru toll road KM 5600. There were no fatalities in the accident at 10.00 WIB, but the car with number B 12 HAN was crushed in the front because it hit the guard rail. The Ferrari had an accident after its lane was cut by a Toyota Fortuner.




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