Ferdy Sambo’s defense of Hendra Kurniawan from Driving Prisoners


The murder case versus Brigadier Nopriansyah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J who is trapping Ferdi Sambo also dragged a quantity of policemen. 6 of them ended up designated as obstructing the investigation or suspects obstruction of justice.

Ferdy Sambo himself apologized to his colleagues who had been amazed by his actions. Now, Ferdy Sambo has defended his colleagues, one of them Brigadier Typical Hendra Kurniawan.

Ferdy Sambo’s defense of Brighen Hendra Kurniawan was written on a piece of paper signed on a seal on August 30, 2022. Ferdy Sambo’s letter was shared by Seali Syah, wife of Brigadier Hendra Kurniawan via Instagram Story on the his individual account.


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“BJP Hendra Kurniawan has been criminalized by components of the institute, from hoaxes to accompanying dead bodies and the ban on opening the coffin to being criminalized concerning CCTV. What prompted these ‘people’ to do all of this? How several ulcers did BJP Hendra Kurniawan preserve? dozens of many years in the Paminal Bureau till he was criminalized to continue to be at the Cellular Brigade Headquarters and be silenced? ” wrote Seli Syah accompanying the submitting of Sambo’s letter, as noticed on Friday (2/9/2022).

As is regarded, the Nationwide Police has appointed 7 police officers suspected of obstruction of justice in the Ferdy Sambo scenario.

National police have named seven suspects for obstruction of justice or an try to hinder the lawful procedure for the murder of Brigadier Joshua. Ferdy Sambo is suspected of obstruction of justice. Here are the 7 suspects:

1. Inspector Standard Ferdy Sambo as former head of the Propram Division of the National Law enforcement

2. Brigadier Normal Hendra Kurniawan as previous Karopaminal of the Propam Division of the Countrywide Law enforcement
3. Kombes Agus Nurpatria as ex Kaden A Biropaminal Police Propam Division
4. AKBP Arif Rahman Arifin as previous Wakadaen B Bureaupaminal of the Propam Division of the National Law enforcement.
5. Kompol Baiquni Wibowo as previous head of the PS of Bagga’s Sub-Bachelor of Investigation when Roabprof of the Nationwide Police Propam Division
6. Kompol Chuk Putranto as former PS main of the Bagga audit subsection when Roabprof of the Propam Division of the Countrywide Police
7. AKP Irfan Widyanto as ex Kasubnit I Subdit III Dittipidum Bareskrim Polri.

Ferdy Sambo talks about orders to Brigadier Hendra

In the letter, Sambo wrote that the alleged CCTV at Duren Tiga’s safety publish had been protected by Brigadier Basic Hendra and Kombes Agus Nurpatria on his orders. He claimed to have requested Hendra to be his direct excellent.

“With regards to the first functions of examining and securing the CCTV cameras at the security write-up that would be carried out by BJP. Hendra Kurniawan and KBP Agus Nurpatria, it is genuine that my orders as immediate superiors had been in accordance with the processes established in Perkap 01 of 2015 about Investigation SOPs, “wrote Sambo.

Ferdy Sambo states that Hendra was not concerned in the destruction of the CCTV cameras

Ferdy Sambo in his letter mentioned this Brigadier Hendra and Kombes Agus were not included in the injury to the CCTV at Duren Tiga’s safety put up. He mentioned the report stating that Brigadier Hendra and AKBP Agus only secured CCTV at Duren Tiga’s official home.

“In this case, I ought to point out that there was no involvement of BJP Hendra Kurniawan and KBP Agus Nurpatria in relationship with the destruction of the CCTV DVR at Duren Tiga’s protection post. What was described by BJP Hendra Kurniawan and by AKBP Agus Nurpatria it was that the CCTV DVR was guarded inside of the official home. Duren Tiga of Pusinafis Bareskrim Polri who is not 2nd treatment, “wrote Ferdy Sambo.

Ferdy Sambo calls Hendra Kurniawan a law enforcement source

At the finish of his letter, Ferdy Sambo claimed that Brigadier Hendra Kurniawan and Kombes Agus Nurpatria ended up Polri’s property. He hopes that with his statement, Hendra Kurniawan and other police officers will not be prosecuted for their innocence.

“So, I created this assertion so that it can be used as a reference and additional info for fellow investigators, so that investigators don’t enable investigators to operate out the regulation on innocent people today, thinking of the BJP. Hendra Kurniawan and KBP Agus Nurpatria they are the human resources assets of the Countrywide Police which has been in services for a lengthy time at the Divpropram Paminal Bureau of the Nationwide Police, “wrote Sambo.

View the video clip “Destroy the careers of 2 policemen for obstructing the investigation into the scenario of Brigadier J”:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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