Femicide of Marianna: A Tragic Love Story on Amore Criminale

At the center of the fourth episode of “Amore Criminale”, broadcast on Thursday 7 December at 9.20pm on Rai 3, the feminicide of Marianna, a 43-year-old woman, killed in Padua by her ex-boyfriend.
Marianna works as a worker in a factory, she is the shift manager of her department. Luigi, her ex-boyfriend, is a temporary worker hired on a fixed-term basis in the same company. When she gets to know him, Marianna is struck by his reserve, and within a short time the two begin a relationship that soon becomes cohabitation. Soon, however, the differences in character make themselves felt: Marianna likes to go out, meet friends and travel, while the man on the other hand appears cold and solitary. The relationship between the two becomes more and more complicated until it deteriorates.
One day Luigi decides to end his relationship with Marianna and demands the return of all the gifts he has bought her over the years.
It is June 8, 2019 when Marianna, together with her colleague Paolo (who is there to act as her witness during the return of the objects) await Luigi’s arrival.
That day a violent argument breaks out, Luigi stabs Marianna 19 times and kills her. He also hurts Paolo. The man was sentenced to twenty years’ imprisonment for the murder of Marianna and the attempted murder of his friend Paolo. The sentence is final.

“Criminal Love” is a program created in collaboration with the Carabinieri and the State Police and with the patronage of the Minister for Family, Birth and Equal Opportunities.

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