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February 14 Valentine’s Day history That you may not have known before

Valentines day Corresponds to February 14 of each year Known as “Day of Love” has become an important day for couples all over the world to celebrate. To show love and goodwill Follow the interesting stories of Valentine’s Day from this article.

Open Source and History of Valentine’s Day How is the history?

Valentines day English is called Valentine’s Day, a date that has more than 1,500 years since Valentine’s Day. Held for the first time in 496 AD, it is the day of celebration of all saints of Christianity. Before later Will be reinterpreted To become a day of love With stories of romance being involved

History of Valentine’s Day Born inEmperor Claudio II (Emperor Claudius II) of Rome. In those days, Rome was often at war. The emperor liked the war. Therefore ordered to recruit men for battle But at the same time, many men have families. And lovers to take care of They didn’t want to leave their families to risk their lives on the battlefield.

Emperor Claudio II canceled the engagement ceremony. And all marriages in Rome So that the people go to battle But a saint named “Valentina”, also known as “Saint Valentine” Do not agree with the above statement So he persuaded the couple in Rome to the marriage ceremony. This caused Emperor Claude II to be dissatisfied with St. Valentine arrested and executed.

But the saint fell in love with the warden’s daughter. Which is a completely blind woman on both sides Before the time of execution He sent a letter to the blind woman. With the end of the letter saying “From your Valentine”, this tragic story spread throughout Rome. Saint Valentine Passed away on February 14

Since then, February 14 has been “Valentine’s Day” to commemorate and honor the pure love of the late Saint Valentine. His story Being mentioned in countries across Europe makes Valentine’s Day. It has become a day that is so important to celebrate love. Until now

“God Cupid” symbol of Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day Many people may think of red roses, but actually the symbol of Valentine’s Day is. “God Cupid” Greek mythology believed that the god Cupid. Was the son of Venus. It looks like a young boy with wings and holding a bow, the Europeans believe that this god Can make people fall in love with each other With the navigation panel The god Cupid was hailed as the god of love. And became a symbol of Valentine’s Day

Events and significance of Valentine’s Day

Historically, Valentine’s Day is an important event to commemorate the death of Saint Valentine. One who makes people realize pure love and friendship. By the present Valentine. Became a day of love that the lovers It is popular to give flowers, chocolates, greeting cards or gifts to each other. To show care And goodwill Various stores Is often decorated with bright colors Especially red and pink, including the release of flowers. Souvenir product Related to valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day Greeting Message

“Happy Valentine’s Day” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” are greetings that many people are familiar with, but there are also cute messages. To help convey meaning for the heart And represent many good wishes Suitable for people who may be embarrassed. Or do not dare to say the word “love” directly, for example

  • I love all the adventures we have together.
    – I love every adventure journey. That we have shared
  • Happy Valentine’s to one of my favorite people.
    – Happy Valentine’s Day To one of my favorite people
  • Thanks for all you do that makes my life happier.
    – Thank you for everything you make my life happier.
  • My life would be meaningless without you in it. You complete me.
    – My life would be meaningless without you, you have come to help complete my life.
  • Everyday is Valentine’s Day since I met you. Thank you for making every single day so special.
    -Every day is Valentine’s Day since the first day I met you. Thank you for making every The day has turned into a very special day.

Valentines day It does not convey the day of only romantic love. But also a day that conveys pure love Beautiful friendship That can give blessings to friends and family as well

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