Far from improving the taste .. amazing uses of table salt

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Salt is the oldest type of spice used in cooking, as it adds a distinctive taste to food. But in addition to improving the taste of food, there are several uses of salt in household chores. Between them

Clean copper utensils that have changed color over time.

It is used to clean utensils that carry a large amount of grease, as well as ovens and stoves.

Effective in cleaning refrigerators to eliminate odors caused by food storage.

It is used to clean containers that serve to store foods with pungent odors, such as fish containers or salted fish.

It can be used to remove stubborn stains, such as blood stains, ketchup and sauce stains, grape juice stains and sweat stains on clothing.

It is used to clean carpets from grease and grease stains.

Eliminates rust stains from various surfaces.

Salt is used to clean the teeth and to eliminate the unpleasant odor from the mouth.

Reduce swelling of the eyes, putting it in the form of compresses on the eyes.

It reduces sore throat and helps reduce sinus infections.

Helps get rid of shoe odor and is used to reduce foaming of dishwasher dust. In order not to leave traces on the dishes after washing them.

The saline solution reduces the sensation of pain in the feet and helps to get rid of dead skin on the feet or hands. It also helps get rid of foot odor.

Helps restore the white color of utensils used for tea and coffee. As well as colored vases.

Salt helps get rid of ants in the house

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