Buying Trends in Dubai Hills: Top buildings to buy apartments in 2022

Nothing beats proper investigations to understand the buying trends in the market before putting your money into any business. Investment of your hard-earned money is no small feat, according to Emirates. Estate, buying trends expose investors to the market ups and downs and can help prevent costly and avoidable mistakes. Sometimes, you may be willing to pay upfront for realtor advice, but other times, reading articles such as these can save you money and secure your investment.

Check below for apartments for sale in Dubai Hills the UAE, and their various features and selling points or downsides. 

Golf Vita 

Golf Vita is categorized as the top most preferred building to buy apartments in the year 2022. This twin tower skyscraper is an absolute wonder to behold. It has greenery around and in the form of a golf course such that residents can easily leave their homes and stroll into the course for a few games. One factor that stands out for this property is the finesse and deliberate flamboyance. 


Bellavista makes number two on this list of the most desirable place to buy an apartment in 2022. The Bellavista is three component skyscraper buildings nested along each other in Dubai hills, Dubailand. The plan is beautiful and appealing, with a proposal for a maxi golf course attached. The building is definitely worth the hype, with its amenities and facilities – for example, it has a community swimming pool and a fitness area and promises multiple elevators to ease movements on the inside. Apartments at the Bellavista are estimated to cost about 520 000 AED.


The massive Loreto structure is a beauty to behold and promises a serene, quiet and enjoyable life, away from the noise and in harmony with greenery and amazing natural scenes. All facilities are preinstalled and suitable for a comfortable life. It has different sizes of properties and rooms. An apartment at Loreto is valued at a minimum of 662 000 AED upwards.

Golf Horizon

Anything Golf related always makes the news sooner than we expect. Perhaps that explains how the Golf Horizon is on this list. First off, every golf lover or enthusiast will love living in this modern, well-equipped, carefully planned and well-delivered residential tower. This is a Golf terraced building in a Golf Town in Dubai. It boasts of premium comfortability, and the developers have done a great job at publicizing the works and putting it out there.

Pinnacle Towers, Dubai Hills Estate

The Pinnacle Tower, according to its name, is next on the list of the most famous buildings to purchase an apartment this year. These apartments are up to a point with impeccable designs and sophisticated layouts. You can purchase all kinds of apartments here, ranging from studios to 4-bedroom apartments. There is also a three years payment plan attached that could make repayment of the mortgage seamless and easy. 

Maple 1

The Maple villas and apartments help people re-experience grandeur in a new and more sophisticated way. It has countless interesting areas and perks which attract people to the property. Swimming pools, grand family houses, large apartments, fully furnished and ready to move in, etc. 

Sidras Villas

A great location to purchase exquisite villas or to rent them is the Sidras villas. This is a community of perfected villas of various sizes and townhouses or large number bedrooms for family living or a couple’s getaway. The Sidras Villas is patronized by both locals and internationally.

Park Ridge Tower

Stunning view, great backgrounds, perfect finishing and a friendly environment, coupled with an access point to all critical places on the hill and beyond, is a great selling point of the Park Ridge Towers.

A small tip

Except you are dealing with an expert realtor who will guide you through the process, it is important that you look into histories to acquaint yourself with trends of the building and how it got to its current state. 


Thank you for sticking to the end. Was it a jolly ride? Hopefully, you will have learned a thing or two about reading. This article has enumerated the top 8 buildings to buy a property in Dubai Hills in 2022.

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