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15.32 Less than 40 kilometers to the finish.

15.30 About forty men in the first group, there are practically all the big names.

15.28 The group of attackers has risen: INEOS and Bora-hansgrohe have decided not to continue, compact platoon.

15.26 The fugitives lose minutes in a small space: now 4 ‘the margin.

15.24 Fabio Aru is in the group behind, left without teammates. With him also Yates and Bennett.

15.23 Two runners from INEOS and two from Bora work in front, while Carapaz, Majka and Großschartner are at rest.

15.22 The platoon now reacts, but Ganna’s trenades are really devastating.

15.20 Main group that has certainly lost about thirty seconds from the Bora / INEOS squad. However, this situation is constantly evolving.

15.18 With Ganna there is Carapaz for the INEOS Team, then the whole Bora-hansgrohe. In addition to the leader Großschartner, also Fabbro and Majka.

15.17 DEVASTANT GANNA! The Piedmontese is leading the main group, made up of about ten men.

15.16 Group split into several sections, the wind is now blowing very strong.

15.15 At 50 from the finish the race started, the fugitives lose seconds on seconds.

15.14 In front we certainly find Carapaz and Felix Großschartner, the leader of the classification. To support many wingmen, including the world champion on the track chase Filippo Ganna.

15.13 A FAN AT THE HEAD OF THE GROUP! Bora-hansgrohe and Team INEOS make the difference!

15.11 The platoon is struggling to stay grouped, fans may form.

15.09 Watch out for the wind, which is now starting to blow strong and also sideways: it could change the cards on the table.

15.05 The platoon has now increased the pace: advantage that has fallen below 7 ‘.

15.02 60 kilometers on arrival.

15.00 We remember that the attackers are the Spanish Roger Adrià and Francisco Galván (EKP), the Dutch Jetse Bol, the Colombian Juan Felipe Osorio (BBH), the other Iberians Gotzon Martín (EUS) and Joel Nicolau (CJR), l Hungarian Marton Dina (KTX), Belgian Edward Theuns (TFS) and Kazakh Nikita Stalnov (AST). Advantage of 8 ‘on the platoon.

14.57 Pictures from the escape:

14:54 Bora Hansgrohe who most likely today will have to give up the head of the general classification and the leader shirt, worn by the Austrian Felix Großschartner, winner of the first fraction.

14:48 Final ascent to the Picòn Blanco that will also offer many interesting ideas for the next races, representing in fact the first demanding ascent faced by the group in adverse weather conditions in the post-coronavirus.

14:42 Advantage that for a few minutes has stabilized at 8’20 ”for the runners on the run who are heading towards the flying goal of the day, before the last two steep climbs.

14:36 ​​Sunny and sultry heat expected in the arrival time in Picon Blanco: climatic conditions that could become the real protagonists of this stage.

14:30 Group that in the meantime has finally changed pace and has slowly started to regain the 9 fugitives. The advantage now settles at 8’20 “but the clear feeling is that the teams of the great climbers will easily be able to further reduce the gap in the next kilometers.

14:24 Strikers who, 90 km from the finish, are about to commit the third GPM of the day: the Alto de Ailanes.

14:18 As soon as the first 50 km of the race with the squad in command that reached the locality of Pesquera de Ebro with 9’20 “margin on the platoon that chases them, just struck.

14:12 Detachment that continues to increase dramatically: the nine fugitives now have a margin of 10’25 “! Group that continues to wait slyly.

14:06 Drappello of the attackers who in the meantime has passed through the second GPM of the day, on which the Iberian Gotzon Martin has once again imposed himself.

14:00 Advantage that continues to increase significantly: at km 37 the group of captains’ minutes rise to 9. Fugitives who begin to hope, albeit with all the contraindications of the case, to at least have a chance to get to the bottom with their attack.

13:54 Attackers who have just passed through the first GPM of the day, Alto Escaròn (third category), in this order: 1- Gotzon Martin, 2- Jetse Bol, 3- Juan Osorio.

13:48 Advantage of the fugitives that in the meantime continues to increase in a dizzying way, with the group that does not seem to have yet intended to close on the 9 attackers. The squad, 132 km from the end, is in fact strengthened by an advantage of 6’55 “.

13:42 For today’s fraction instead the hottest names seem to be those of the Iberian Alejandro Valverde, the Colombian Nairo Quintana, the very young Remco Evenepoel (Belgium) and Richard Carapaz (Ecuador) and two runners looking for redemption as the ‘blue Fabio Aru and the British Simon Yates.

13:36 Yesterday’s stage, which saw a newfound Fernando Gaviria triumph, who imposed himself on the transalpine Arnaud Demare and on the big favorite of the day Sam Bennett. Fourth position for a more than discreet Matteo Trentin, who also rose to third place in the general classification.

13:29 Asphyxiating heat that meanwhile continues to assault the runners who have to live with a hot asphalt that continues to give off heat and forces them to cool continuously.

13:23 Great expectation, among the favorites of the day, for the performance that the Basque Mikel Landa will be able to offer, who has already triumphed on this milestone in 2017.

13:17 Singular conduct of the race of Francisco Galvan who finds himself on the run for the third consecutive day, in a stage that presents itself as anything but favorable to a possible attempt from far away.

13:11 A run of 9 runners immediately formed and they are trying to leave the group attacking from the first kilometers. The members of the squad are the Spanish Roger Adrià and Francisco Galván (EKP), the Dutch Jetse Bol, the Colombian Juan Felipe Osorio (BBH), the other Iberians Gotzon Martín (EUS) and Joel Nicolau (CJR), the Hungarian Marton Dina (KTX), Belgian Edward Theuns (TFS) and Kazakh Nikita Stalnov (AST).

13:05 This is the profile of today’s stage which, although short, will contain 4 GPMs and, of course, the fearsome final tear of Picon Blanco.

13:00 Race direction that meanwhile announces that Jonathan Lastra of Caja Rural will not take part in the climb due to some gastrointestinal problems that occurred during the night.

12:55 Group that is heading towards the official start of the stage.

12:50 As of today, the hamlet that will stretch from Sargentes to Picon Blanco has just started, for a total of 150 kilometers full of climbs and pitfalls.

12.45 Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the third stage of the Vuelta a Burgos 2020.

The presentation of the third stage

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the third part of the Vuelta in Burgos 2020 that, after the thrills of the first two stages, finally proposes to move the general classification of the competition with its difficult arrival uphill to Picon Blanco, after 8 kilometers with slopes greater than 9%.

In the stage, which will take the away from Sargentes and will be articulated for a total of 150km, as mentioned, the most fit climbers of the group will make the big voice, probably with an attack that could start from the slopes of the final tear and that could cut the legs of the captains who had worked too hard on the other 4 GPM previously tackled.

The Spaniards are certainly among the favorites for the stage win Alejandro Valverde e Mikel Landa and the Belgian Remco Evenepoel (appeared on the ball in the first fraction), with an eye that must be aimed at South Americans Nairo Quintana (Colombia) and Richard Carapaz (Ecuador) and on the British Simon Yates.

For the Bel Paese a lot of curiosity instead for the first important exam of this season for the Sardinian Fabio Aru, expected immediately to show himself in condition to earn the trust of his UAE Emirates as soon as possible in view of a Tour, his declared goal, in which he will have to share the ranks of captain with the Slovenian baby talent Tadej Pogacar.

Today’s stage will start at 12:45, with OA Sport that will offer you the LIVE LIVE of the event from the first minute, not to miss a moment of the most intriguing part of this long-awaited edition number 42 of the Vuelta a Burgos.

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