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Famous Heroine Unfaithful to Mother-in-law: Netizens Predictions

Netizens made a lot of predictions. Is the “famous heroine unfaithful to her mother-in-law” just annoyed or broken?

The entertainment industry can’t rest when the old famous page comes out and reveals. New issue for page members to guess. With the story of a famous heroine and her mother-in-law, which has been a long-standing problem for a long time.

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The famous page stated, “Unfall, delete your husband’s friend = may cause annoyance. But if the heroine unfails her mother-in-law =???” before the famous page added another comment under the post, explaining that “The problem uses the word mother-in-law!!! Mother-in-law=??”

Meanwhile, netizens were quick to comment. There are lots of hints of abbreviations, such as “Who is it? Bff and Mae M???, the heroine unfalls her mother-in-law = break up. It’s the nature of a life partner, that is, I hate faces like this, longan, = very annoyed to the utmost.”

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