Family of Emile lures ‘friendly’ nurse into a trap … (Ypres)

Ieper –

Several elderly people in need of care from the region of Ypres have been confronted with an empty wallet after their nap in recent years. A young health care worker turned out to be behind the thefts.

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“She seemed like a young innocent woman when she came to look after Grandpa every day,” say the three daughters of Emile Muylle (90) from Ypres. “She was always very friendly and did a good job. In retrospect, she did strange things: pop in at unexpected moments to use the toilet, for example. ”

The daughters then set up a trap. “We put five 20 euro bills in his drawer and came for an inspection shortly after her departure. The money had disappeared, then we went to the police. ” The woman, who continues to deny most of the facts, risks an effective prison sentence and fine.

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