False network of rapists at UCLouvain: the author of the confessions explains

For seven days, this story kept the students in suspense.

Thehen he posted the first episodes of his thriller, Louis Escouflaire, a linguistics student and author of a first novel (At a glance, Editions Memory) did not expect to cause such a stir. On December 31, he posted the following message: “This is how I was forced to change my room after three months of hell. The affair ended on Monday January 6 with: “Be vigilant. Girls, watch your drinks, don’t trust anyone. “

In between, there have been seven chapters, 80,000 signs and a thriller about a network of rapists. The decor ? Louvain-la-Neuve and its 25,000 students. It was all told on a Facebook site where students can anonymously post their big and small concerns.

In the evening of Monday, Louis Escouflaire explained his approach on the Facebook page UConfessions. “I am the author of #lasuitedemain. I have not just arrived in Louvain-la-Neuve, my name is Sarah, I am not a girl. The story I told you is not a true story, even if it takes place in Leuven and many details make it realistic. “The goal was not to create a climate of fear (…) You now all know that the story is false, but you also understood (if you did not already know it) that one must always remain cautious in the evening, without of course falling into paranoia. “

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