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False Alarm: Report of Active Shooter in Senate Office Building in Washington, DC Revealed to Be Unfounded

Breaking News:⁢ Report of⁣ Active Shooter at ⁤Senate Office ⁣Building in⁢ Washington,‌ D.C. Appears​ to be‌ False Alarm

Washington, D.C. – In a tense situation earlier today, police‌ and emergency personnel were called to the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. following unconfirmed reports of ‍an active ​shooter near the U.S. Capitol. However, authorities now believe that ⁣the report was a false alarm.

According to a spokesman for the ⁤Metropolitan Police‌ Department (MPD), no injuries have been reported and no shooter has been⁤ located. ⁣The ⁢MPD’s assessment came after​ the U.S. Capitol​ Police (USCP) issued a shelter-in-place ⁣order for individuals inside Senate office ⁤buildings as a precautionary measure.

The USCP had initially responded to a‍ concerning 911 call and subsequently launched ⁤a search ⁣in and around the Senate buildings. At the time, the department emphasized that there were no confirmed reports ‌of gunshots.

NBC News reported that people were being evacuated from ‍the Russell Senate Office Building, one of the three Senate​ buildings‍ along Constitution Avenue, around 3 p.m. ET. However,⁢ as‌ of 3:23 p.m. ET, ​the USCP’s​ shelter order ‍remained in effect.

“USCP ​is still continuing to investigate.⁤ Please continue to shelter in place,” the department tweeted.

The MPD is currently assisting the Capitol Police ​in their investigation.

This incident serves as a reminder of the ⁤heightened security concerns in the nation’s capital. Law ⁣enforcement agencies are on high alert and are ⁢taking all reports seriously to ensure ⁤the safety of the ⁤public and government officials.

As of now,⁤ the situation appears to be under control, but authorities are ​urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious⁣ activity.​ This is a developing story, and updates will ⁢be⁢ provided as⁢ more information becomes‍ available.

Please stay tuned for ⁤further updates on this breaking news.
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​What measures are law enforcement authorities taking in response to the reported active shooter at the​ Senate Office Building in Washington?

Rewrite: Breaking News: Active Shooter⁤ Report at Senate Office Building in Washington

In a startling development, it has been reported that an active shooter ⁢is believed to be ​present in the Senate Office ‌Building located ⁤in Washington. The situation is ​currently unfolding, prompting heightened security ‍measures‍ and a ⁣swift​ response from⁤ law enforcement authorities.

The potential threat ⁢has​ put​ the entire‍ office building, ⁢as well as surrounding areas, on high alert. ⁤Emergency services have been deployed to the scene to ensure the ​safety and well-being of all individuals ⁢who ‌may⁣ be affected.

Authorities are urging everyone ⁤in the vicinity to exercise extreme caution and follow the ‌instructions of law enforcement personnel on ⁤the scene.​ The immediate area has been cordoned off, and people are advised to avoid the vicinity until further notice.

The motive and identity of the alleged shooter remain unknown ‍at this time, making it imperative for⁣ authorities⁢ to act swiftly and efficiently in resolving the situation and mitigating any​ further potential harm.

Law enforcement ​agencies are conducting a thorough investigation to gather more information and secure​ the premises.‌ The safety of all those involved, including senators, staff members, and civilians, is of utmost importance.

As ⁤this is⁢ an‍ evolving ⁤situation, it is essential to rely on​ trusted sources of information⁤ and official‌ announcements for updates. The ⁣authorities ⁢are‍ working⁢ diligently to bring​ the situation under control, and⁣ further details will be ⁤shared ​as they become available.

In the face of this distressing incident, it is crucial to remain⁤ vigilant, stay indoors if possible, and cooperate fully with ⁤law enforcement instructions. United efforts and a collective commitment to safety can help‌ ensure a swift resolution to ‍this alarming situation.

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