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Fake messages via messenger service WhatsApp

Ahrensburg (ots) – Last Monday (March 7th, 2022) a woman from Ahrensburg received a message via the messenger service WhatsApp from a phone number she did not know. The sender of the messages pretended to be his son: “Mom, I lost my cell phone and now I’m using my old cell phone with a new number!”. With skillful conversations in the course of the chat, the alleged son tried to get the injured party to transfer money for open bills, since he himself could not do any banking due to the loss of his own smartphone.

After paying the first invoice amount, the demand for a second transfer came in. Only a bank employee opened the eyes of the 77-year-old woman and sensed suspicion. Consultation with her real son confirmed that the Ahrensburg woman fell for a scam.

In this context, the police once again point out to be sensitive to messages or calls from unknown numbers. A personal call to relatives or acquaintances can quickly provide clarification as to whether it may be a case of fraud. Do not give strangers any information about your financial background over the phone and do not give them any personal or bank details over the phone.

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