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Facing Chambéry, the Chartrains have wasted too much

There was room, this Friday evening, at the Jean-Cochet hall, to do better. Facing the Chambériens, the players of the CCMHB often made the elastic, in the first half. Without ever managing to come back to the score (12-15 at the break).

Grahovac puts Chartres back in the game

In the second half, Nebojsa Grahovac, a bit like he had done in Créteil, multiplied the stops after returning from the locker room (9/22, 41% success rate). But his partners were unable to get up to speed with an appalling number of lost balls (14) and a much too weak throwing skill of 7m (1/4).

Defeated 26-29, Toni Gerona’s proteges remain in the second half of the table. Next meeting for the Chartrains, Saturday March 26, at the H of Nantes, on the occasion of the 21st day.

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