Fabregas Still Friends with Mourinho, Disappointed with Guardiola


Cesc Fabregas compare to do with Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Fabregas is still close to Mourinho, but not Guardiola.

The former top Spanish midfielder was coached by Mourinho for nearly two seasons at Chelsea before separating in December 2015. Their partnership resulted in a Premier League title and a 2014/15 League Cup.

“Mourinho inspired me the most when I left Barca,” Fabregas told me Radio Catalunya quoted ESPN. “He told me that we had our own problems on the pitch when he was at Chelsea and I was an Arsenal player and then when he coached Real Madrid and I at Barcelona, ​​but for him, it is over there. We forget about it.”

“He told me his plans. I have to go to a place where I think I’ll look my best, the decisions are taken by myself and are not influenced by what other people say. I prioritize. [aspek] professional, and today I’m still in contact with him and I consider him as a friend, “continued the player who is now strengthening AS Monaco.

“He helped me through a difficult time in my career and maybe I played one of my best seasons with him,” said Fabregas.

Before being with Mourinho at Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas first spent three seasons at Barcelona. Fabregas had time to taste the directions Pep Guardiola just a season in 2011/12 by winning the Copa del Rey.

Fabregas admits he idolizes Guardiola. However, the relationship between Fabregas and the Catalonia manager tends to be cold.

“No, not with Pep there is nothing,” the former Arsenal captain replied after being asked if he was still in contact with Guardiola. “I don’t know if the disappointment with Pep was reciprocal. A lot of things happened, but I chose not to talk about it.”

“Pep was my idol since I was a kid. I learned the most from him, maybe, since I was four years old until now,” Fabregas added about to do with Pep Guardiola.

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