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“Explosive Twist in True Detective: Night Country as Father and Son Duo Reach Breaking Point”

Explosive Twist in True Detective: Night Country as Father and Son Duo Reach Breaking Point

The hit HBO crime drama series, True Detective: Night Country, took a shocking turn in its penultimate episode, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. While the focus of the show has primarily been on detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro, played by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis respectively, another crucial duo has emerged as central characters: Hank and Pete Prior, a father and son who both serve as police officers in Ennis, Alaska.

However, in the latest episode, the relationship between the Priors reaches an explosive climax. Hank, portrayed by John Hawkes, a seasoned actor known for his role in Deadwood, has been revealed as a corrupt cop, accepting bribes for personal gain. But it is his final assignment that pushes him past the point of no return. Tasked with killing a witness, Hank not only carries out the murder but also attempts to kill Danvers and Navarro. In a tense moment, Pete, played by Finn Bennett, arrives at the scene and is faced with a difficult decision: his loyalty to his father or his loyalty to the force. Ultimately, Pete shoots and kills his own father to protect Danvers.

For Hank, this marks the end of the line. However, for Pete, it is the climax of his story, but he still has control over what happens next. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Finn Bennett sheds light on Pete’s decision and the evolution of the scene. He also discusses the response to the season and gives a glimpse into what fans can expect from the upcoming finale.

The scene depicting Pete shooting his father went through several rewrites. Bennett reveals that it was initially more wordy and less emotionally charged. However, after input from John Hawkes and Jodie Foster, it was stripped back to its core, becoming a heartbreaking moment of disappointment between Pete and Hank. The scene revolves around Danvers appealing to Pete’s rationality and moral compass, while Hank appeals to sentimentality. It becomes a tug of war, with Pete caught in the middle, ultimately siding with Danvers.

Bennett acknowledges the difficulty in justifying Pete’s choice to shoot his father. He believes that there was no right decision to make in that moment. It was a reflex, a snap decision that Pete will carry with him for the rest of his life. He emphasizes that people often surprise themselves with the decisions they make, and Pete is no exception.

Throughout the series, Pete has been striving to prove himself as a good cop. He spends time away from his family to focus on his career and solve the case alongside Danvers. Bennett draws from his real-life encounter with a cop in the Canadian arctic, who married an Indigenous woman and worked his way up the ranks. This cop explained that young officers will do anything to prove themselves, especially if they come from a small town like Pete. However, Pete’s decision to kill his father ultimately makes him a dirty cop.

Bennett also shares fond memories of working with John Hawkes, who lent him a guitar despite Bennett not being able to play. He describes Hawkes as kind and understanding, and their time together off-screen added depth to their on-screen dynamic.

When asked about the reception of the season, Bennett expresses his satisfaction with it. He acknowledges the weight that comes with the True Detective name but believes that Night Country is a new chapter in the series. He mentions some unfortunate backlash, particularly misogynistic comments, but views them as a sign of success because they are baseless.

As the finale approaches, Bennett reveals that he was surprised by its resolution but entirely satisfied. He believes that endings are difficult to execute well and commends the show for staying true to its essence. He recalls watching the finale for the first time and being overcome with pride and emotion, as it is his favorite episode.

True Detective: Night Country will conclude with its finale on February 18th, airing on HBO/Max. Fans can expect a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to this gripping season.


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