Explosion at Catering Business in Arnhem Shopping Center: Police Investigating Suspicious Packages

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An explosion occurred at a catering business in a shopping center in the south of Arnhem, reports the police.

Suspicious packages were found at that store and another eatery in that shopping center yesterday morning. Police are investigating whether the find and the explosion are related.

At around 3:45 a.m., police received reports of loud explosions. An investigation was then launched in the mall. The area is widely cordoned off.

Businesses closed

Broadcasting Gelderland reported last night that the two cases where a suspicious package was found have been closed immediately by order of Mayor Marcouch. Businesses are not allowed to open for two weeks. The packages were removed yesterday morning. It is unknown what was in it.

The mayor said that the safety of residents, shopkeepers and visitors is always his top priority. “Our goal is to restore peace and public order in the district. If necessary, I will withdraw the APV operating permit and perhaps also the alcohol law permit,” he told the broadcaster.

One of the two companies already received a warning from Marcouch in 2021 because the safety of local residents would be at stake. In 2020, fights took place there and there was a fire.

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