Expired salmon mistakenly sold in the supermarket

Due to a sensational misunderstanding, a batch of expired salmon was sold in a well-known supermarket chain. The details of what happened

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I food recalls now always on the agenda and this says a lot about working process and conservation of modern society. The losers are the consumers that in addition to risking their own salute, they lose some money valuable that they could have used for healthy products.

Unfortunately, however, being these gods production mechanisms on a large scale, it is not possible to stop them. You can only adapt by paying the utmost attention at the time of purchase. In fact, if for the contamination there is very little to do, at least as far as it is concerned maintenance status and expiration, we can have our say.

Expired salmon in the supermarket: where it happened and for what reason

However, one of the latest cases in this sense was so particular that it left consumers speechless. In practice, the well-known chain of Carrefour supermarkets has posted a recall notice on its site regarding Infusions marinated salmon steaks, Mowi Gourmet brand.

The offending lot is number 02B821238 sold in packs of 220 grams. The drastic decision was taken following the awareness of a printer setup error. In practice one was reported wrong expiration date, as there has been an inversion of the day and month of the year.

The real term within which it had to be consumed was 10/09/2021 while the packages show 09/10/2021. A real abyss, which makes salmon still good in the eyes of customers.

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Obviously in the notice there is also an invitation not to consume the aforementioned fish and to bring it back to the point of sale. By force of circumstances, someone will have eaten it, but fortunately the recall took place a few days after the expiration and therefore there should be no drastic consequences.

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Anyway the “salmon of discord” is produced by Mowi Poland sa with headquarters in the Ustka plant at 39 Duninowo street in Poland. In short, there is no lack of information to recognize it, the important thing is to always keep concentration high when shopping. On the other hand, the references in the last period have been many.


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