Expert discussion on the subject of “Burning Glass School”


The corona pandemic is a huge challenge for many students, parents and teachers. Many people fear that students will be left behind, that Baden-Württemberg will step backwards on the path to a fair education and that parents and teachers will be overwhelmed. “There are many burning questions to which the state government lacks satisfactory answers,” said SPD state parliament candidate Florian Wahl.

For this reason, the SPD state parliament candidate Florian Wahl (picture: z) invites you to an online technical discussion with Stefan Fulst-Blei MdL, the education policy spokesman for the SPD state parliamentary group. Florian Wahl will speak on Wednesday, November 25th, with the question “Burning glass school – how does fair education succeed under pandemic conditions?” from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. together with Stefan Fulst-Blei with the pupil Paul Schiller, the headmistress of the comprehensive school in Eichholz, Barbara Knöbl, the parents’ council Lucienne Graupe and Farina Semler, district chairwoman of the education and science union, about their experiences over the last few months and necessary political conclusions.

Due to the current Corona situation, the event will take place online and be streamed live on Florian Wahl’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.



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