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Expert Analysis: Ukraine’s Need to Go on the Defensive in Conflict with Russia

Wall Street Journal journalists published an article in which senior representatives of NATO, the Security Service of Ukraine and other experts discuss the situation at the front. In their opinion, Ukraine needs to go on the defensive.

Ukraine needs to go on the defensive, even despite the danger of territorial losses. About it write journalists from the Wall Street Journal.

In an article devoted to the situation at the front, the authors note that the Russian Federation controls about one-fifth of Ukraine’s territory and is seeking to advance in the northeast and east of the country. Ukraine is still exerting pressure in the south, but exhaustion on both sides makes change unlikely this winter.

“This is a trench dead end,” the publication quotes a senior Ukrainian security official.

“An all-out offensive is impossible for either side. Neither side will be able to break through,” says the WSJ source.

A senior NATO official told the publication that Russia likely lacks the resources to mount a significant offensive this year. Therefore, Ukrainian troops may have an advantage by “defending in the snow.”

The authors of the article note that, given the limitations of Ukraine’s ability to seize the initiative on the battlefield against Russian forces, experts say Kiev’s safest course of action is to go on the defensive and force Russia to expend its troops and equipment in search of advantage.

“Ukraine has to some extent applied this approach in Avdiivka,” the journalists write.

According to Dmitry Gorenburg, a security expert at the American organization CNA, such an approach could lead to “small territorial losses for Ukraine,” but it will help restore strength.

“It’s much easier to defend yourself than to attack,” Gorenburg said.

According to him, such an approach may lead to small territorial losses for Ukraine, but this may be a safer position while the country restores strength and supplies.

Let us recall that on November 1, the media published an essay by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, which stated that the war in Ukraine is turning into a “positional” one, which means that new challenges are arising for the world.

According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the situation at the front has reached a dead end, and to get out of it it is necessary to make a big technological leap.

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