Expatriate Escapes Deportation Attempt in Kuwait City

Kuwait City: An expatriate who entered Kuwait illegally escaped during deportation proceedings. During the checks conducted at the airport, it was found that he was banned from entering Kuwait. Then the process of repatriating him started and he was shifted to an airport hotel. Escaped from there. He was caught later in the investigation.

He arrived at the Kuwait International Airport from an African country and had his fingerprints checked when he reached the passport counter as part of completing the procedures. It was then that he realized that he had been deported from Kuwait earlier and was banned from returning. With this, he was handed over to the airport investigation team. He was shifted to the airport hotel to complete the process and send him back. From there, he got out of the security personnel’s eyes.

The authorities informed that he was going from the hotel to the yard of the airport and from there jumped the fence and went out. A high alert was then declared at the airport and an extensive investigation was started by various departments. In the wake of the incident, measures were taken to check the security systems of the airport and find loopholes.

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Last Updated Jun 1, 2023, 9:19 PM IST

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