Expanding Career Options Through DRIVE Career Coaching: A Success Story

Expanding Career Options Through DRIVE Career Coaching: A Success Story

“It was reassuring to have a wider range of options when I realized that the coordinator was working with me.”


This is what Ms. Aiko Kita, who joined the foundation this spring and started working on her own to create a system for solving local issues, says. Kita, who was worried about her future career, asked what kind of steps she took to get to the starting point of her career that she was satisfied with.


Aiko Kita

I searched for a consultant who understood what I wanted to do


――I think there are many career change websites that provide career consultation services. What made you decide to consult?


When I was looking for someone to consult with, I didn’t know what to do with my future career, and I was very confused with vague anxiety.


What I was looking for was to have an accurate understanding of what I wanted to do and to receive practical advice.At that time, I was hoping to get a job at an intermediate support organization, so I felt like it was different from a typical career, and even if I wanted to consult someone, there seemed to be only a limited number of places where I could get an answer that suited me. I thought.


DRIVE Career CoachingI decided to consult withYou may receive various related information and opinions from the perspective of being neither a public institution nor a private company.Because I thought that.

I let go of the “only one option” mentality by speaking


――What did you learn from DRIVE Career Coaching?


The biggest benefit was that I had more options.At first, I consulted that I wanted to get a job at an intermediate support organization somewhere. At that time, I was engaged in community development activities in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, but I was only thinking about finding a job and never had the idea of ​​having multiple options. Moreover, there was no intermediary support organization on Sado, and I was at a loss as to whether to move out of the city and find a job, or stay in the city and find another job.


However, it was a big discovery for me when I was told at the first interview, “I don’t think it would be a good idea to completely leave Sado, where I am already active.” I want to continue to live in Sado, which I love so much, but I also want to try the things I want to do.

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The coordinator continued to suggest various ways to balance work, such as starting a business or doing a side job. After the interview, I asked myself what methods I could use to work at an intermediary support organization while living on Sado, and also about the basics of what an intermediary support organization is. I investigated everything from basic knowledge to social roles.

Summarize your interests and thoughts in materials and speak your thoughts in front of a large audience


――I think that researching can sometimes make it difficult to move because there is too much information, but how did you research it, and how was it useful?


From the coordinatorTry to verbalize what field you are interested in” and gave homework. “If you can clarify what field you want to work in, you are more likely to be connected to what you want, such as people or programs.“and. After the interview was over,I immediately put into words what kind of field I wanted to work in, what kind of company or organization I wanted to build my career in, and created materials.


It was good to make materials in the sense of organizing what I wanted to do. When I talked about my thoughts while having an acquaintance in the field of education look at the materials, he said, “That should be realized.” He gave it to me. On that day, I distributed materials to everyone and talked about it.I became able to express what I wanted to do and my thoughts in front of many people.I felt my growth.

Working together, we explored ways to “never give up”


――Did you notice any other changes in yourself through the interview with the coordinator?


In the interview, ETIC.’s intern business, creating autonomous jobs and human resources in the regionCharecomiI was also introduced.When I thought that I had to give up on community development activities on Sado and do what I wanted to do at an intermediate support organization, the coordinator said,“There must be a way to not give up”He advised me, and I was able to be positive, saying, “I don’t have to give up.”


“What excites you, Mr. Kita?”

I was also grateful that the coordinator asked me this question.


To tell the truth, I felt a little guilty about leaving the community development activities on Sado by pursuing what I wanted to do, but the coordinator was able to achieve both things I wanted to do. They looked for possibilities, helpful information, and people and opportunities to connect with.

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I could feel that not only me but also the coordinator was working with me, which became my motivation, and I was able to explore what I could do and take action.As I repeated these exchanges, the small sense of guilt disappeared.

Determination to wear two pairs of straw sandals and determination of entry destination


In the end, I decided to get a job at an intermediary support organization, which I was originally thinking about, and to work on building a system for a community school on Sado and supporting individuals who are involved in regional development activities. The idea of ​​providing support for individuals came from a proposal from the coordinator.


Mr. Kita’s community development activities. By collaborating with schools and communities, we can solve the problems of the town,

Aiming to create new possibilities


Once the direction was decided, the confusion I had before the consultation disappeared, and I was satisfied with the choice I made after thinking it through on my own. Before I knew it,It gave me a new perspective, and I felt that I was able to accept it without hesitation.

Through career coaching, I was able to organize my thoughts and ideas, and gain more knowledge about various work styles, activities, and ways to earn income. Because of that step, I think I was able to finally make a choice that suited me from a variety of options.

I want to achieve results through the two wheels of the foundation and the creation of a community school system.


――What kind of career do you want to create in the future?


I was originally interested in building an organizational foundation, and wanted to approach it from various angles, such as solving organizational problems, management, and fundraising. The foundation I am going to work for has a wealth of knowledge and achievements in building an organizational foundation, including management.


In addition, on Sado, efforts have been made to create a problem-solving system in which schools and communities work together. In the future, I would like to gradually expand the scope of my activities, such as learning coaching to support individuals working on community development.


Ms. Kita speaks at a forum for discussion as part of her community activities

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Also, there is a very encouraging word in the interview with the coordinator. “In the future, people like Mr. Kita will be very important to the community.I believe it will play an important role in the future.I was very happy to hear that, and it encouraged me to say, “I have to do my best.”

Move forward by sorting out your feelings


――Please give some advice to people who are thinking of changing jobs.


If you are thinking about changing jobs, but are unsure if the answer you have envisioned is really right for you, or if you want to decide on a better direction from as many options as possible, talk with a coordinator to think about it. will be sorted out, so I think it will be one of the ways to move forward.


In DRIVE career coaching, they not only gave me advice, but also listened to my story, grasped my situation and feelings, and gave me a supportive opinion saying, “I think I can make this kind of proposal. What do you think?” was very impressive. There was a feeling that we were moving in the same direction while talking to each other. I was able to pinpoint what I wanted to know and the words I wanted to say, and I realized that “I see, that’s what it was.”


Even at the stage of “I want to do something good for society, but I don’t know what to do”, I think it will be sorted out by talking. This will give you a sense of satisfaction within yourself. If you are satisfied with yourself, I think that the choice you have made is almost OK.


I think that dialogue with the coordinator is like life consultation. Even when I was confused about what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do, he sorted it out for me, and it saved me as much as I was worried about.


When my thoughts are organized, I think I can get closer to what I want to do while being satisfied with my choices.





If you want to know more information about changing jobs to the social sector or want to consult about your future career, please use “DRIVE Career Coaching”. Career coordinators at ETIC. offer individual consultations on careers to realize your dreams and wishes.





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