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Exhibition tribute to Felipe Carillo Puerto inaugurated in Chapultepec

Mexico City. The government of Mexico City inaugurated the exhibition Felipe Carrillo Puerto, the soul of the Mayab, on the bars of the Chapultepec Castle, in commemoration of the hundred years since his death.

After taking a tour of the galleries, the head of Government, Martí Batres, recalled the career of the honoree and his family, made up of 14 brothers, who fought for the ideal of a just and egalitarian society during the Porfirio era and later in the Mexican Revolution.

He said that he was murdered when he was governor of Yucatán by the so-called “Divine Caste”, Yucatecan conservatives and reactionaries who took advantage of the Huertista rebellion to commit this crime and that of three of his brothers.

“The local oligarchy continued to viciously persecute the Yucatecan socialists. We had to wait for the arrival of the Cardenista six-year term, 10 years later, for things to improve again,” he commented.

In her speech, the Secretary of Culture, Claudia Curiel de Icaza, explained that the exhibition will remain until May 19 in the galleries, attended by millions of people who visit the Chapultepec Forest.

She shared that Carrillo Puerto fought for inequalities and women’s rights, after highlighting that she held a feminist congress in America in 1916 with more than two thousand women from all over the country.

The general director of Great Community Festivals, Argel Gómez, stressed that he led a fundamental chapter in the history of the Mexican Revolution in the Yucatán Peninsula, which led him to organizational work from below and with the people, in the formation of the Party Socialist of Yucatán and the resistance leagues.

He also highlighted that he founded the University of Yucatán, promoted the Mayan language in schools and distributed books, including Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam.

Meanwhile, the general director of the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico, Felipe Ávila, stated that Carrillo Puerto was arrested, subjected to a military trial and shot on January 3, 1924.

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