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Exhibition of paintings by Santa Siksna

2022-07-30, 10:00
Shopping center “Kurzeme”, 3rd floor foyer

Santa Siksna was born in a family of artists in Apriķi and grew up in beautiful Aizpute.

The young artist has been interested in expressing feelings with colors since early childhood. In 2020, Santa entered the Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School, and since then he has been attending various art classes and intensively painting. In her works, the 23-year-old young woman wants to show her positive and bright soul feelings and brighten up reality, turning one moment into a harmonious jumble of energy that makes you stop and improves your mood.

Santa shows how to learn to understand yourself and look at your feelings from the outside through paintings. Any emotion can be beautiful because it is the energy that we clothe in our colors – dark and oppressive or bright and contrasting.


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