Chronology of DPR Members Reject Jordi Amat’s Naturalization

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Naturalization process Jordi Amat becoming an Indonesian citizen (WNI) was rejected by members of the DPR. Here’s the chronology.

Indonesia’s national team coach Shin Tae Yong’s desire to naturalize a number of players has emerged since the middle of last year, including Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh.

Jordi arrived in Indonesia on May 15, 2022 to settle the administrative requirements of becoming an Indonesian citizen. While his naturalization process was still ongoing, Jordi signed a contract with Malaysian club Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) on 29 June 2022.

Jordi’s decision to join JDT sparked a wave of protests from Indonesian netizens. The quality of the Spanish-blooded player is feared to decline if he appears in ASEAN.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission X Syaiful Huda made a private statement on his Instagram account that he rejected Jordi Amat’s naturalization, Wednesday (29/6) night.

“I agree, Jordi Amat’s naturalization is cancelled. We ask STY [Shin Tae Yong] and the Ministry of Youth and Sports is firm,” wrote Syaiful Huda in the photo he uploaded on his Instagram account.

When confirmed by, Syaiful Huda explained the reason.

“One, when it comes to Jordi Amat, indeed, all of our football fans seem to object because Jordi is not for the long term,” said Syaiful.

“Secondly, from the start I didn’t agree because naturalization was called a sale. So naturalization was on sale. That’s not healthy for our football long term. Therefore, the dynamics with Jordi I think can be an evaluation to PSSI and the Ministry of Youth and Sports so that it doesn’t happen again,” he continued.

Because of long-term thinking, Syaiful gave the green light for the naturalization process of other players.

“If there’s anything else, we’ll see the progress again. Anyway, for the long term, it’s okay. As long as there is a clear road map, that’s fine,” said Syaiful.

From the age factor, Jordi is indeed older than the other two candidates for naturalization, namely Sandy Walsh and Shayne Pattynama. Jordi is now 30 years old, while Sandy is 27 and Shayne is 23.

However, Syaiful’s statement reaps the pros and cons. Most netizens criticized Syaiful’s reason for rejecting Jordi Amat’s naturalization. However, not a few netizens supported Syaiful’s decision because Jordi joined JDT.

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