Excuse me, but this is a complete outrage! How much money for a kg of cheese!

Excuse me, but this is a complete outrage! So reader of Plovdiv24.bg begins his reportage sent to the editorial staff of our media. The reason: the price of cheese in stores.

The man claims that the kilogram already costs around BGN 20 and the cheapest one. Which, according to him, has already passed all reasonable explanations.

“Hi! I am sending you the photos that were taken today, September 25. Do you think this is normal? 18-25-35 BGN for a kilogram of cheese? It is true that everything has gone up in price, but some products have hit the ceiling.

The photos are from a specific shop in Plovdiv, but this is the situation everywhere. They just illustrate what I mean. And for wages in Bulgaria – 20 BGN / kg is a lot. It’s hard for us! “The Plovdiv resident wrote us.

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