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Exclusive Interview with 4th Team Manager Kazumi Saito about Miyazaki Spring Training Camp and Player Development

“Nishi Sports WEB OTTO!” will deliver an interview once a month with Kazumi Saito (46), the 4th team manager who will be in charge from this season. For the first time, we talked about the efforts at Miyazaki spring training camp, how to interact with players, and the four-army system. Posted from time to time. (Audience/Composition = Myoka Hamaguchi)

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―After your first spring training as a coach.

“It was good that there were no major injuries.Thanks to the coaches in charge, training coaches, and trainers who closely watched the players on a regular basis.Honestly, there are some things that are lacking, so both the team and the club are facing challenges and gains.” It was a visible camp.”

-What are the specific things that are lacking?

“In order to move up, we need to determine how much (practice) we can do in terms of quantity. However, increasing the amount is not the answer, and there are many players who lack physical strength, so there are challenges. I think if we don’t improve, we won’t be able to close the gap with the players above us.Still, these players are inferior in many ways, so I think each one of them worked hard.”

-What difference do you feel from becoming a first-team pitching coach to a fourth-team manager?

“It’s completely different. Of course you have to watch the players, but you also have to communicate with the coaches, and there are things you have to watch. The fourth team is not doing it to win. It’s about how to develop the players. I often talked about this with trainers, training coaches, and the team’s front office.I spent a month talking about what I noticed about the players with the coaches in charge.”

-How do you interact with players?

“It’s difficult. Many of the first-team players can talk about baseball well. They know what they need to do. The players here (fourth-team) are young and seem to understand, but there are things they don’t know. There are times when I thought I could convey things in this way, but I am having a hard time understanding them.The players are learning, but we are also learning how to communicate.While checking to see if the players understand, , I’m chewing while I’m talking.”

-At the camp, you ran with the players and played the role of a runner and a batting pitcher. He also communicated while cuddling.

“It’s just that I hope it turns out that way, but that doesn’t mean that’s what I’m doing mainly. (The coach) doesn’t really do much at camp. I just looked for things I could do, and that’s how it turned out.”

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