Excited Anna Lewandowska with DAUGHTERS supports Lew in the final of the Champions League (PHOTO)

Robert Lewandowski He emphasized many times that he owes his sports success not only to work and training, but also the support of his woman. Leftwhich still as Anna Stachurska she trained karate herself, she is – according to Robert – a partner who can understand the player’s needs like no one else.

Winged Lewy, supported by the wife’s motivation and her diet, goes like a storm. The Bayern Munich player is in top form and scores goals in bulk. Today, Lewy grinds his teeth at the victory in the most important game of the season for his team – the final match against Paris Saint-Germain. The fans and the three most faithful fans – his wife and two daughters – keep their fingers crossed for Robert.

Anna Lewandowska has published the book Heathy Sweets. He tells us about writing while pregnant and about Robert and Klara’s favorite desserts

Due to the coronavirus epidemic Anna Lewandowska could not appear at the stadium in Lisbon, where the match will be played. The trainer is rooting for her husband from their estate in Masuria. A few hours before the beginning of the relationship, Lewa posted a post on her Instagram, in which she assured her that her husband was the best for her, no matter what result she could achieve.

It’s your day no matter what the outcome. You are always the best for us – Lewa wrote and added – I love you.

After such a touching post, it is time for the next ones. Soon, on the profile of Lewy’s wife, two photos of her with her daughters in T-shirts with the number 9 appeared. Lewandowska gave the photos a comment “My San Mia“This is the motto of Robert’s team, which in Polish means”We are who we are”And stands for the whole philosophy of the club.


We keep our fingers crossed – fans write.

Wonderful! – they are delighted with Lewandowska and her children.


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