Ex-soccer star: ‘never again Austria’

Styria. Mo Idrissou has played 307 times in the German Bundesliga, played for his home country Cameroon at the 2010 World Cup. The 39-year-old wanted to end his great sporting career with the fourth division club DSV Leoben. But that has been done.

When Idrissou returned from a visit to Styria in Germany, the Aliens Police put him in detention. The residence permit was supposedly expired, which the ex-professional vigorously denies.

He was detained in the Vordernberg detention center: “I ate more bread there than in 20 years in Germany,” he says. The rest of it was obviously not to his liking. He was in a small cell for eleven days, at least there was a television. Then his lawyer got him out.

Idrissou immediately terminated his contract and fled abroad: “I will never enter Austria again.”

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