Ex River: Manuel Lanzini assured that he wants to return to the club and also praised Ramón Díaz

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If the River fan can be proud of something –among so many reasons- it is because of its Lower Divisions and the fruit they bear worldwide. This is not something recent, historically the Greatest formed many of the best players in the world and this was the case in all decades. It is no coincidence that the Millionaire is the team that contributed the most players to the Argentine National Team either. One of the players trained in Núñez who is in one of the best leagues in the world is Manuel Lanzini who represents West Ham in the Premier League.

“I would love to go back to River, at some point it will happen, when both parties are well and agree it will happen. I would love to be in the next superclassic with Suárez and Álvarez at the top, but may the boys who are now going through a barbaric moment with Gallardo enjoy it. River today is giving us satisfaction all the time”, Assured Manu in dialogue with ESPN. It should be noted that Lanzini had two cycles for the Biggest, but it was marked by his second time at Núñez, which was between 2012 and 2014. Since 2015 Manu represents the whole of London and his present is to highlight, in fact in the week he became a goal to Manchester United.

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Praise for Ramón

In his second stage at River, Manu was led by a River Plate glory, nothing more and nothing less than Ramón Ángel Díaz, for whom the steering wheel had words of praise: “I learned a lot from Ramón Díaz. He gave me a lot of confidence in a situation where we were not well. He believed in me and taught me a lot”. It should be noted that Lanzini became champion with the 2014 Final Tournament Millionaire and the Championship Cup of the same year.


Manu shouts it with everything in the Bombonera in 2013. (Photo: LPM).


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