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“Ex-girlfriend’s son reports Mario Dandy Satriyo for alleged obscenity and sexual abuse”


Mario Dandy Satriyo (20) reported to the police by his ex-girlfriend, AG’s son (15), about the alleged criminal act of obscenity. Mario Dandy also responded to the report.

When asked by the media crew, Mario Dandy didn’t talk much about reports of AG’s sexual abuse against him. He argued that he did not know anything about the report of the abuse.

“I don’t know,” Mario Dandy briefly told reporters at Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Monday (22/5/2023).

When asked whether he would fight back against AG, Mario Dandy did not answer. He immediately entered the PPA unit of the Polda Metro Jaya Ditreskrimum to undergo a KPK investigation regarding the gratuity case or money laundering crime (TPPU) of his father, Rafael Alun Trisambodo.

AG’s report on Mario Dandy’s alleged sexual abuse

The report has been registered with the number LP/B/2445/V/2023/SPKT/Polda Metro Jaya. Mario Dandy was policed ​​on suspicion of Article 76 d juncto Article 81 of the Child Protection Law and/or Article 76 e juncto Article 82 of the Child Protection Law.

“Reporting child abuse is clearly a crime. So anyone who has sex, be it consensual or forced, is indeed a crime,” said AG’s attorney, Mangatta Toding Allo, to reporters at Polda Metro Jaya, Monday (8/5).

Mangatta added, in the report, his party also attached the existing evidence. While only four pieces of evidence have been attached in the reporting process. One of the pieces of evidence is court ruling.

“The first evidence we submitted was 8 pieces of evidence. But meanwhile there were four that were just received. We will propose four more later at the time of the first clarification or examination report from the complainant,” he explained.

“So the verdict was also one of our evidence yesterday. So it’s valid evidence, so we’ve attached the police report earlier,” he added.

It has just reported Mario Dandy now because previously it focused on trial cases the persecution of David Ozora (17). As is known, AG was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison in the abuse case.

“So we emphasize that this is an ordinary offense. Yesterday we focused on the trial and we only got these facts from the trial when there was a verdict,” he explained.


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