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Evernote is testing new free version with more restrictions for users

I miss latex support and plugin support at all. I don’t like the layout of the notes with those boxes in which you have to enter everything (a lot of floating box behavior). You have to manually specify colors for headings, etc., every time because you cannot process them in any kind of theme settings.

It may be faster because you can use buttons, but because you can set very little in terms of layout / theme on your content, you have to do everything manually every time.

At Obsidian, for example, you have the Style Settings plugin that allows you to set how your notes should be formatted once and from then on it all happens automatically.

You have the Latex plugin for mathematical formulas, an additional advantage is that ChatGPT, for example, can generate these but also interpret them.

Because Obsidian uses markdown, there is a lot of tooling that can read and display this.

Obsidian supports back linking, graph view of your notes and supports inline tagging.

It also supports automatic suggestions when other content refers to your current content to link it.

OneNote is nice if you want to take relatively simple notes, Obsidian is much more powerful in terms of content that goes beyond notes, it is really a content organization tool.

And not entirely unimportant, OneNote on OSX is extremely annoying in terms of copy-paste behavior. And OneNote does not have an official Linux app and recently I have been using Linux in addition to OSX / Windows.

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