Top 2000 Voting Week Cafes: Register for Live Performances and Quiz Events

During the Top 2000 Voting Week, Jan-Willem Roodbeen and Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte come every working day (6 a.m. to 9 a.m.) from the Ballot Box and cafes in the country. In their program they receive well-known Dutch artists for live performances. In the afternoon, NPO Radio 2 regularly switches with Wouter van der Goes and Frank van ‘t Hof, who also drive through the country with the Stembus. In addition, Wouter and Frank play the Top 2000 Quiz every evening in a café.

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Overview of cafes

Friday December 1:

Evening: Grandcafé Zusjes de Boer in Assen (Top 2000 Quiz) > Register here

Saturday December 2:

Evening: Café Pico in Zutphen (Top 2000 Quiz) > Register here

Sunday December 3:

Evening: Café de Kroon in Geleen (Top 2000 Quiz) > Register here

Monday December 4:

Morning: Café Forum in Maastricht with performance by DeWolff > Register here

Evening: Café Cliche in Middelburg (Top 2000 Quiz)

Tuesday December 5:

Morning: Café du Commerce in Terneuzen with performance by Novastar > Register here

Evening: Café Mooij in Alkmaar (Top 2000 Quiz) > Register here

Wednesday December 6:

Morning: Pavilion Smit Bokkum in Volendam with performance by Nick Schilder > Sign up here

Evening: City café Het Refter in Zwolle (Top 2000 Quiz) > Register here

Thursday December 7:

Morning: Posthuus in Kampen with performance by Claude > Register here

Evening: Café Victoria in Woerden (Top 2000 Quiz) > Register here

Friday December 8:

Morning: Café den Tollensteghe in Culemborg (VOL)

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