[Evening News]The virus attacked the Chinese Communist Army and many generals died of illness | Turkey | Syria | Li Wenliang

Turkey and Syria suffered a series of 7.8-7.5-magnitude strong earthquakes, and the number of victims exceeded 3,000; a balloon ruined Xi Jinping’s years of hard work, the military ghosts were everywhere, and the game between China and the United States was fierce; the virus attacked, many CCP generals died of illness, and the army panicked. (Cartooned by NTDTV)

[The Epoch Times, February 07, 2023](New Tang Dynasty Evening News, February 6, full version) Turkey and Syria were hit by a 7.8-magnitude 7.5-magnitude earthquake in succession, killing more than 3,000 people; , the game between China and the United States is heating up; the virus stormed, many generals of the CCP died of illness, and the military panicked;

Transferred from New Tang Dynasty 【evening News】February 6 full version

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