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European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter Captures Stunning Images of Sun’s Unusual Behavior

The unusual behavior of the sun was captured on the ESA camera. PHOTO/IFL Science

BERLIN – The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter has captured stunning images of unexpected behavior in the lower atmosphere sun

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The Solar Corona, the region around the Sun, is an ever-changing landscape with a variety of interesting features, including “moss” and “water”. This new photo provides a close-up view of the Sun that is currently active.

As reported by IFL Science, Monday (5/5/2024), previously, a video of the Sun showed spectacular explosions that released many particles into the solar system.

Last September, Solar Orbiter observed smaller plumes – although still taller than our entire planet – as well as coronal mosses, coronal water and spicules, all very detailed, which have just to release.

On the horizon of the Sun, we can see spicules, a flow of plasma that extends from the chromosphere to the corona above. They reach heights of 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) in the sun’s upper atmosphere.

We also see “moss”, a lace-like pattern of plasma found at the base of coronal arcs, curved structures that appear to extend far above the surface of the Sun.

This video provides a new insight into the processes that take place in the solar corona, which are not yet fully understood. Scientists hope that by studying these features further, they will better understand how the Sun works and how it affects the environment around it.

New video from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Solar Orbiter shows remarkable activity in the lowest layer of the Sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona. This video provides a never-before-seen look at this amazing solar phenomenon, including:

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