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EU Trade Commissioner resigns / Article / LSM.lv

European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, who had been accused of violating restrictions in Ireland because of the Covid-19 crisis, said his head, Peter Pauer, said on Wednesday night.

Hogan deserved a reprimand for attending a golf club’s anniversary celebrations in Ireland last week, in breach of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 crisis in Ireland.


At the event There were 80 people, although the maximum number of guests allowed in Ireland is 50. Before dinner, the Commissioner had received confirmation from the event organizers that everything would be in accordance with the rules in force. Now Hogan regrets his actions.

Irish law only criminalises event organizers who break the applicable coronavirus rules. However, there is no penalty for attending the event.

Hogan currently holds an important position in the European Commission. The area of ​​trade is extremely important to Ireland in the context of the Brexit negotiations. And there is no guarantee that, in the event of Hogan’s resignation, the new Irish Commissioner will have the area under his supervision.

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