EU Commission Proposal Threatens Latvian Fishing and Fish Industry: Catastrophic Consequences for Herring and Job Losses

EU Commission Proposal Threatens Latvian Fishing and Fish Industry: Catastrophic Consequences for Herring and Job Losses

The established restrictions will have catastrophic consequences for Latvian fishing and fish industry, the association expresses concern.

The proposal, which determines the fishing opportunities for specific fish stocks and groups of fish stocks applicable in the Baltic Sea for 2024, and amends the regulation with regard to specific fishing opportunities applicable in other waters, clearly shows the position of the EU Commission in the acquisition of fish resources, which is contrary to the International Sea the advice of the research council (ICES) and the advice of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council. Despite this, the EU commission is considering the possibility of limiting fishing opportunities for 2024, without reasoning and justification, with incomprehensible motivation, Ülis says.

The association emphasizes that the reduction of fishing opportunities for herring in the central Baltic Sea will have catastrophic consequences for the entire Latvian fishery, because considering that herring is a by-catch in the sprat fishery, fishermen with such a small by-catch will not have the opportunity to learn the sprat limit. Fisheries will have to be closed, which means that not only the 600 workers employed in fishing will be out of a job, but it will also affect the fishing products processing sector, where 800 workers may be out of work.

Revenues amounting to several million euros will not be obtained, contributions to the state budget will decrease, fish farmers will suffer, and jobs will decrease. Low-income residents of Latvia, the Baltics and Ukraine, who currently use bream and herring as the cheapest available source of food protein, will also suffer.

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On September 29, an EU commission conference will be held in the Lithuanian city of Palanga, in which the Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičs and ministers from 8 EU countries surrounding the Baltic Sea will take part.

Latvian fishermen, together with Lithuanian, Polish and Estonian fishermen, are planning a rally where they are expected to express their dissatisfaction with the proposal of the EU Commission regulation, without evaluating the socio-economic consequences.

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The letter was sent to President Edgars Rinkēvičs, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner of the European Union Valdis Dombrovskis, Speaker of the Saeima Daiga Mieriņa (ZZS), Prime Minister Evika Siliņa (JV), as well as to Latvian MPs represented in the European Parliament.

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