Ethereum co-founder sells 90,000 ETH to U.S. crypto exchange

Jeffrey Wilcke, co-founder and core developer of Ethereum (ETH), reportedly sent 92,000 ETH ($ 11.5 million) to Kraken, the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, on December 25.

During Cointelegraph over concerns reportedthat Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin plans to sell $ 25 million in cryptocurrency, suggests one shipped by Jeffrey Wilcke Tweet something else.

source Twitter

Wilcke, whose GitHub shows that he is the co-founder of Grid Games, claiming he needs the money to fund his game.

The proof is in the blockchain

Show in addition to Wilcke’s tweet swellthat an ETH address with the name Jeff Wilcke has completely moved 90,000 ETH to Kraken.

In January 2016, 408,000 ETH were funded by the Dev Wallet of the Ethereum Foundation account to an ox600 address. Between January 2016 and the end of this year, the address shows the continuous sale and movement of funds, but this declines sharply on December 25.

While the address still has 218,000 ETH ($ 27 million), 90,000 have been moved to an intermediate address and then sent entirely to octopuses.

Etherscan showsthat the interaction was performed from the ox600 address.

Before Wilcke sent 90,000 ETH to octopuses, revealed Vitalik Buterin in a podcast that aired on December 11 that the Ethereum Foundation raised around $ 100 million by selling ETH at its last all-time high when it traded just under $ 1,400 in January 2018.

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