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Enrico Brignano, bad surprise: no one expected it

Enrico Brignano has suffered a nasty surprise in the last few hours: no one would ever have expected such a thing

Enrico Brignano (Getty Images)

Prime time yesterday saw the series Leonardo, its Rai 1, dominate with the 21.7% of the share (5.31 million viewers). Compared to the week before, there was a drop, but this did not prevent the triumph. In second place, however, Channel 5 with the match of Champions League between Real Madrid e Liverpool (12.4% share and 3.41 million people).

Evil, on the other hand, Enrico Brignano with the show ‘I would like you only one hour’ that, on Rai 2, brought about 1.81 million users (6.7% share). Cartabianca on Rai 3 it kept 1,175,000 spectators glued to TV (5.3% share). Good result for Le Iene Show its Italy 1 thanks to 1,839,000 spectators (10.4% share). Out of the core he piped up Network 4 only 1,005,000 spectators with 5.3% share.

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Enrico Brignano does not forget his origins

Enrico brignano

Enrico Brignano had given an interview a few days ago to the microphones of Quotidiano.net speaking of the return on TV with Una ora sola I would like you. It was said “Quiet, although there is always fear”. The reason for his serenity is to always keep his origins in mind. “After all, I’m still the son of the fruit seller from Dragona, I’m the guy who seemed destined to sell apples. The stage seemed an impossible dream “.

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Enrico Brignano he made several sacrifices to get to where he is. It has also overcome such problems as being discarded “From the Academy of Dramatic Art, and also to the Experimental Center of Cinematography”.

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