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Enlisting the assistance of the laboratory container, Unusa develops a tuberculosis center

Nahdlatul Ulama University (Unusa) Surabaya has been awarded a PCR laboratory container grant worth IDR 1.7 billion. This grant was made by Golkar Party DPD East Java (East Java).

Later the lab will become a step in the development of a tuberculosis (TB) center in East Java. This laboratory container consists of two rooms, namely the amplification room and the PCR sampling room.

Yarsis chairman Prof. Mohammad Nuh said in his remarks that Indonesia is the second country with the highest number of tuberculosis patients and East Java province ranks first. For this reason, one of Unusa’s missions is to deal with this in East Java.

“I feel that there must be a strong determination to overcome this problem, this laboratory is a powerful tool in that direction. In the future this laboratory will become part of the development of a tuberculosis center,” he explained on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

Prof. Nuh continued, currently the cases of Covid-19 have actually decreased, but the container laboratory with the BSL-2 level will still be needed for the examination of other diseases such as tuberculosis and others.

The laboratory container that will be developed by Unusa for the TB centre. (Photo: Pita Sari/Ngopibareng.id)

“This lab will also be part of the development and research of Unusa’s students and faculty,” he said.

Besides that, Unusa chancellor Prof Jazidie revealed, the location of the laboratory container will be in Unusa’s parking lot. So that students can use it to provide community services. “God willing, this service will be free for the community. In the future it will also be connected to a tuberculosis center that will be developed,” he said.

Meanwhile, East Java DPD chairman Golkar Party, Sarmudji added, his party chose Unusa because it oversees the largest community in East Java, namely NU. It is undeniable that the NU community in East Java is the largest.

He explained that donating lab containers could help many people in East Java. “We hope this tool can be used for student research and community service related to TB and other diseases,” she said.

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