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England hotels will reopen from May 17

by world today news

The next phase of the de-escalation planned by the Boris Johnson Government will be applied as planned and hotels in England will be able to reopen from May 17, when the tourism business in the interior of the country will be resumed. The overnight stays in hotels, hostels and Bed & Breakfast they will be allowed again from that day on.

Also returns the indoor service in pubs, bars and restaurants although in groups of maximum six people from two groups of coexistence. The bars will remain closed, as collected Travelmole.

The sector has expressed its relief, especially for the six out of 10 businesses that have not been able to reopen in recent weeks due to a lack of terrace space

Spokesmen for the restaurant and hotel sector have valued the next step, despite the fact that there are still restrictions. “It is a step of psychological importance rather than economic,” said a Kate Nicholls, executive director of UKHospitality, the leading association of hoteliers in the country. Nicholls recalled that the Profitability of the sector is still a big problem after 14 months without income.

The hoteliers ask the Government to abide by the forecasts made in the de-escalation roadmap and that all the restrictions that affect the hospitality industry have been removed before June 21, “something that is absolutely crucial” for UKHospitality.

Hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts may open from the 17th. Photo by Bookitlist on Unsplash

“Stealthy” de-escalation in four phases

Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented in the House of Commons, at the end of February, an hour route for a “cautious” de-escalation, whose fate would run parallel to the ambitious plan to vaccinate adults with a single dose, stretching the maximum possible time before having to inoculate the second, as we explained in England: international travel not before May 17.

To date the plan has been a success and the de-escalation is proceeding according to forecasts.

At this time the UK has fully immunized the 26% of its adult population, and the 52,1% has been partially immunized, with the first dose.

The children went back to school in England on March 8 and as of March 29, up to six people from two family units were able to meet again in the open air. The non-essential trade did not open before April 12, when it was also possible to spend the night away from home again, in independent accommodation or second homes, but only for a family unit

Pubs (interiors) and hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast and the like, were scheduled to open from from May 17, a date now confirmed by Johnson. That date also serves for the resumption of international travel, which are still prohibited if they are for leisure.

Limits to social contact will not completely disappear until June 21. Only then will they be able to celebrate weddings and events in nightclubs and mass gatherings. That is the date for the arrival of the new normal in England.


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