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Energy poverty: solidarity photovoltaic panels arrive in the Milan area to help people in difficulty

ROMA – The first solidarity energy project was born in Baranzate, in the metropolitan city of Milan. On the roof of the InOltre space, headquarters of the association The Rotunda – engaged in social, educational, training and work initiatives – photovoltaic panels have been installed which will contribute to the energy saving of the association itself and the production of political energy. The savings on the bill will then be returned in the form of donations to families in the area who are in a state of economic vulnerability. The project, called CSER, was financed by Energy Bank, from the AEM Foundation it’s yes Next Energy Foundation.

Energy solidarity. The initiative is part of the Energy Bank’s path which aims to promote long-term strategies to combat energy poverty, which is increasingly widespread in Italy. The projects, carried out throughout the national territory, range from support through the payment of the bills of any energy operator to the purchase of household appliances, from training on the conscious use of energy to interventions to improve the efficiency of homes up to the promotion of the community model solidarity energy. A commitment that aims to develop concrete and widespread responses across the territories to guarantee ethical and increasingly inclusive access to energy. The watchword is: redistribution: saving must become an income for those who have greater difficulties.

The numbers of energy poverty in Italy. According to theOIPE (Italian Observatory on Energy Poverty) in 2022 the 7.7 percent of Italians, that is 2 million families have experienced conditions of energy vulnerability. From the analyzes of IPSOS emerges that the concept of poverty? energy and? generally known to 66 percent of Italians, while about 6 percent of them confirm that they are familiar? with the problem.

A project against climate change. Photovoltaic panels like those installed in Baranzate, in addition to helping families in economic difficulty, are able to make a real contribution to combating the effects of climate change. Renewable electricity produced from the plant, in fact, in thirty years it will avoid the release into the atmosphere of approximately 1,100 tons of CO2, a quantity that could be absorbed by approximately six thousand trees.

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