Enefit Green and Ignitis shares are currently under pressure

The share prices of the leading energy companies Ignitis Group and Enefit reen on the Baltic stock exchanges are currently under pressure. Although the prices of electricity sold have clearly decreased in recent years, this only partially explains the fall in share prices.

Enefit Green shares have one of the worst indicators in the Baltic exchanges this year. From the beginning of the year until Wednesday evening, the price had decreased by 20.33% and was 3.49 euros. The shares reached this year’s peak in mid-May, when the price was 4.86 euros. Since then, there has only been a decline.

On the other hand On fire the share price has decreased by 1.79 euros since the beginning of the year, and is currently 18.68 euros. Since mid-May, the decrease was by 10.84%. A particularly rapid decline has occurred in the last month.

2023-12-07 08:04:21
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