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Emmendingen: Good response to the specialist event in Emmendingen for foster and adoptive parents – the basis for identity development passed on

Around 140 adults, including many foster and foster parents and a specialist audience, as well as 40 children and young people came to the annual foster children’s day in the Elzhalle in Emmendingen-Wasser. The theme was “The Development of Identity in Foster and Adopted Children”. The specialist day was organized as a joint event by the specialist office for adoption and foster parents of the district of Emmendingen in cooperation with the youth welfare offices of the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and the city of Freiburg. The association Fill è anima-Herzenskinder eV was also involved, and the Café Logo of the Eduard-Spranger-School was busy serving delicious finger food.

The centerpiece of the event was a lecture by the graduate psychologist and child and youth psychotherapist Martin Janning from Rheine, who has many years of experience in counseling foster and adoptive parents and in working with foster children. He presented background, useful conditions and important criteria for the development of one’s healthy identity. Parallel to the event, there was an exciting and eventful program for children with offers such as archery, disc golf, other group games and a camp kitchen.

The day before, foster families from the districts of Emmendingen, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and the city of Freiburg were invited to a half-day specialist event. Here too Martin Jenning as speaker on the topic “I see something that you don’t say” conveyed the foundations and conceptual modules for healthy identity development. In doing so, he went into particular detail about the fact that children who are on standby depend to a large extent on responsible adults who see the children’s fears, difficulties and needs and develop long-term life prospects for them. The care family can make a decisive contribution as transitional aid.

Much positive feedback to the Adoption and Foster Parents Office has demonstrated that such specialist events are important in supporting the valuable work being done by foster and foster families. The managers of the Emmendingen Youth Welfare Office and the employees of the Adoption and Adoptive Parents Department are therefore very happy that there are many families in the district who are so committed to helping needy children and young people.

Couples interested in working as full-time or full-time foster parents are invited to contact the specialized office without obligation. Telephone 07641 451 3620, -3621, -3622 or e-mail: [email protected]

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