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Emmanuel Macron Announces Reform of Teacher Training to Address Recruitment Crisis: Details Revealed

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During a trip to a school in Paris, this Friday April 5, Emmanuel Macron announced a reform of teacher training from “next year”.

© Christian Liewig/Getty Images – Emmanuel Macron announced a measure to try to remedy a teacher recruitment crisis.

New for National Education. Emmanuel Macron announced this Friday, April 5, a change in teacher training from “next year”a measure to try to remedy a professor recruitment crisis. “The competition will be taken at the end of the license”or at bac+3 instead of bac+5 currently, declared the Head of State during a trip to a school in Paris. “We are going to ramp up starting next year and, in fact, over two or three years, we are going to systematize it.”

The executive project must allow, according to Emmanuel Macron, «to train much better, to prepare better (…) and also to better recognize our compatriots who want to engage in this profession”. The head of state reflects a reflection initiated under former minister Pap Ndiaye. Since then, the hypothesis of a return of the competition to bac+3 for future school teachers has been put forward on several occasions by the executive. Pap Ndiaye’s successor, Gabriel Attal, during his brief visit to rue de Grenelle, launched, last September, a consultation with trade union organizations on the attractiveness of the teaching profession, putting forward three themes: the initial training of teachers, working conditions and career development.

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A recurring topic

This subject of teacher training is recurring. The competitions had already been moved from the first year of the master’s degree to the second by a 2021 reformand several changes had taken place in this course in previous years.

“We can clearly see that the system we adopted in recent decades was undoubtedly not the best. For what ? Because in fact, he made the teachers navigate for five years post-baccalaureate with courses which were diverse and varied”, commented the head of state. National Education has been faced for several years with an unprecedented recruitment crisis. The start of the September 2023 school year was once again under pressure with more than 3,100 positions unfilled in the spring 2023 teaching competitions.

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