Emir of Asir Pardons Prisoner and Honors Health Practitioner: Highlights from General Council

The Emir of the Asir region, Prince Turki bin Talal, received a number of citizens and residents during the general council, which was held by His Highness in his office in the Principality’s Court, where he pardoned a prisoner for his good conduct and behavior, and honored a health practitioner.

This came in the presence of His Eminence, a member of the Iftaa Authority in the region, and a number of directors of relevant government departments from the emirate and government and service agencies, where His Highness listened to the reviewers, ending a number of private and public issues, and directing to find out the details of some of them and find urgent solutions to them.

During the council, one of the prisoners was exempted from the remaining period of his sentence for his good conduct and conduct, as the rules of the noble and honorable order applied to him, which stipulates delegating the authority to His Highness the Emir of the region in such a situation.

the generosity of the Emir of Asir, the health practitioner, Yahya Al-Almai; For his humanitarian stance in rescuing one of the injured in a traffic accident, and transporting him to Rijal Alma Hospital in his own car. He also honored 4 residents of the region; In exchange for receiving gold and silver medals for their projects that they presented during the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations in Malaysia, ITEX 2023.

At the end of the council, Prince Turki met with a number of deputies and residents of the Belhamr Center, where he praised the initiative of the citizen, Muhammad bin Awdah bin Hamdan Al-Ahmari and his sons, in establishing the marriage of their sponsored son (Arafa bin Muhammad Arafa), an Egyptian national who exceeded 30 years of his work for them, by By preparing the venue for the celebration in their own hospitality at the Belhamr Center, and inviting the local community of representatives and residents of the Belhamer Center and residents to share their joys with them.

2023-06-02 10:37:02
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