20-Year Medical Miracle: Baltimore Woman Comes Back to Life Thanks to Innovative Treatment

MARYLAND > April Burrell is back to life after 20 years in limbo after constant treatments. April walked back to life from being completely unaware of her surroundings. April got a new lease of life after being treated for an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain. At the age of 21, April suffered from severe schizophrenia and became unconscious. April, a native of Baltimore, was an accounting student at the University of Maryland and a college volleyball player. April was hospitalized in 1995. A few months later, April was diagnosed with schizophrenia. April spent almost 23 years without being able to communicate or interact with her surroundings due to her illness. In 2018, Sander Marks, director of precision psychiatry at Columbia University, and his colleagues noticed April’s case, a remarkable discovery in the field. A team of experts including neuropsychiatrists, neuroimmunologists and rheumatologists found that in addition to schizophrenia, April also had the autoimmune condition lupus. Further research revealed that April’s immune system was producing antibodies that attacked the brain, specifically the temporal lobes associated with schizophrenia. With this discovery, the traditional understanding of April’s illness is changing. Immunotherapy treatments were then started. In April, the method of assessing the patient’s condition and progress by drawing a picture of a clock as per the standard cognitive test was also tested. After the first two stages of treatment, April drew half of the clock and in the third stage, she drew the full picture. At the end of the treatments, April remembered her past. After more than 20 years of hospital stay, April came back to life after recognizing her family members and surroundings. Apart from April, the medical team is trying to find many such people and bring them back to life. Doctors are of the opinion that April’s treatment and rejuvenation is a new awakening for the medical field and that April’s return can change the traditional understanding of diseases and treatment. Read on deshabhimani.com

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